Sunday, May 20, 2007

1960s Public Chic

As spring blooms fill the air and thoughts turn to our gardens here's a wintertime shot of a little vest pocket park that reminds us of the importance of structure. Paley Park designed by Zion and Breen in 1967 and located in Manhattan on East 53rd Street, between Fifth and Madison Avenues features 17 honey locust trees and a 20 foot waterfall that pumps 1800 gallons of water a minute. It is a perfect modernist park that provides respite in the middle of the hectic city. And we thought William S. Paley was cool for marrying Babe!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Praia do Leca, Portugal

Will someone please save this beach pavillion! It was designed by Alvaro Siza in the 1950s in Praia do Leca a seaside town outside of Porto Portugal. It is exquisite, the photos don't do it justice. The large concrete swimming pools are set into the ocean and the bathhouse is nestled in the rocks on the shoreline. The oxidized copper roof melts into the sea as the waves crash over the pools. It is sublime, discreet architecture that needs to be restored.