Monday, January 29, 2007

Cascais, Portugal

It's freezing here in Bridgehampton so I'm going back to October and our trip to Portugal (more posts from this trip to come). Here are some shots from Cascais a charming seaside resort about half an hour outside of Lisbon. It has its ticky tacky side, and lots of new development but still worth visiting especially as it begins to get warmer there. At the far edge of town there is a cool little boutique hotel called the Farol Design Hotel, that might be worth staying at and is certainly a perfect spot for a sunset drink at the oceanside bar.


angela said...

oh, I love that peach pastel cake of a building. And can you get drinks under the umbrellas? Like can you get me one?

A tip: You should include some links in the post, like to the hotel or what-have-you.

Candid Cool said...

beautiful country.
beautiful buildings
and that sunset...stunning